• Centre Update

    Shannon Leisure Centre COVID-19 Update

    After a long wait, we are delighted to announce Shannon Swimming & Leisure Centre has reopened.

    To coincide with the Governments Living with Covid strategy you will see a number of small changes to activities since your last visit.

    • Prior entering the Centre for the first time you are required to set up an Online Member/User Profile. This is required for access to the Centre.
    • Pre booking of your swim session is no longer required. Please note however a max bather capacity is in place. If the pool full you may be asked to wait a few minutes until a space becomes available.
    • Pre booking your gym session is still not required
    • When using the gym, you are still required to bring a large towel with you to place over the machines and wipe down the equipment after use.
    • Limited showers are available
    • Changing facilities for the gym and fitness classes are available with limited numbers
    • Indoor fitness classes are permissible again. You can see full details of these here.
    • Astro turf is available to book.
    • Swimming lessons have returned. See more details here.
    • You are required to wear a mask in the building at all times. The only exceptions to this are:
      • When using the gym (optional)
      • When you are in the swimming pool
      • You are required to sanitize your hands when entering the building

    Please note, all pay in full memberships will be unfrozen from the 8th June. Any time lost as a result of COVID-19 closures will be automatically added on.  All direct debit memberships have been reactivated from the 8th. First payment from your bank will be soon after.

    We would like to thank you for all your patience and understanding over the last few months and we look forward to welcoming you all back.

    The Team