524528_524887490886890_1264439467_n2What is Spinning?

As the original and best indoor cycling programme, spinning simulates the outdoor cycle over all terrain from rolling hills to flat roads, all to the beat of the music. Everybody agrees that it is the best way to get fit FAST, with an intense workout that conveniently lasts only 50mins, including warm up and cool down.

Spinning was created in California by Madd Dogg Athletics and is the original and most popular indoor cycling class in the world. AeroSpinning is Shannon’s first spinning class and has been teaching since 2009. All AeroSpinning instructors are fully Madd Dogg certified. We cater for all fitness levels; from completed beginners to competitive triathletes, in our custom studio with 25 spin bikes, and music that begs your legs to pedal.

Spinning is a low impact workout on a stationary bike which guarantees weight loss, toning and fun while getting fit to the sound of good music.!!!!

€8 pay as you go or 10 Classes for €80

To book your bike with Anthony contact him on 086 8116246.

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