New Pilates Class starting at Shannon Leisure Centre
Wednesday 18:45- 19:45 & 20:00 to 21:00.
€60 for 6 weeks or €12 pay as you go each week

My name is Samantha and I am an internationally qualified Pilates Instructor. I first came across Pilates as a teenager and I instantly fell in love! Since then, I’ve lived and travelled through New Zealand, South East Asia and Sweden, taking Pilates with me all over the world!

Contact Details are 085-1433117

Pilates is a unique and intelligent way of exercising that connects your mind to your body and leaves you feeling the results the next day. Whether you’re interested in improving you’re posture and strength, recovering from an injury or looking to compliment you’re current training, Pilates is for you.
There will be a special focus on core work, posture, balance, and building up muscle strength during the classes, using different Pilates props to keep the mind and body challenged.
Suitable for all as we’ll start with the basic Pilates repertoire and train our way up.