Time: 10-11am Saturdays
Duration: 1 hour class
Where: Leisure Centre, Small Hall
Level: Mixed Level class – Beginners welcome
Instructor: Julie Hyde (RYT 200, Hatha, Restorative and Sports Yoga Instructor)

A regular Yoga practice will help build strength and flexibility in the body and also relieve stress in the mind.
Cross Training with Yoga can help you gain stamina and help you improve your performance in other sports or work outs.
Using breathing techniques (pranayama) and deep stretches (asanas) Hatha yoga helps create balance in the body and is used by many to achieve higher of levels of health and fitness, both physical and mental.

For the Class:
1. Wear loose comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement during practice.
2. Yoga asanas (postures) should be done on an empty stomach so ideally don’t eat up to 2.5 hours before the class.
3. Some Yoga mats will be available for use, however please bring your own if you have one

Booking info:
Julie Hyde
086 3302038